Booking Info

Booking a tattoo session with me is an exciting opportunity to bring your vision to life. To ensure a fair and organized process, my booking system opens on the 11th of each month and remains open for a 24-hour window. This means you have a full day to secure your spot for a unique piece of art. If you're interested in booking a session outside of my Scottsdale, AZ studio, be sure to check the 'Travel' tab on my website, where all my upcoming travel dates will be listed.

I want to extend my gratitude to everyone who expresses interest in getting a tattoo from me. If you're not selected for a session in one month, please don't be discouraged; I encourage you to try again the following month. I'm committed to making the process as fair and accessible as possible, and your persistence is appreciated. I’m looking forward to creating art with all of you over the coming years!